Truest Choices for the motorhome hire

motorhome hire

How do you find all these different locations? To find places to stay, it is useful, for example, to put the Camper Contact app from the Dutch Camper Club (NKC) on your phone, so that finding campsites, camper pitches and service points are easy. Anyway, it is smart to view the website of the NKC for more camper tips. If you like the holiday with the motorhome hire and you want to go more often, it is smart to become a member of the NKC.

What are you going to do?

The possibilities with a camper are endless. Consider a holiday in your own country or a city ‚Äč‚Äčtrip. For example to the north of the Netherlands, go for a walk in Drenthe or visit the beautiful Hanseatic city of Groningen. In the woods in Drenthe are the hundreds, certainly special to have a look. If you still want to continue driving, then cross the border to northern Germany. In addition to beautiful nature reserves, you can visit the former trading partners of Groningen there. These Hanseatic cities such as Bremen and Hamburg are well worth a visit.

If you want to go a little further away, you can, for example, make a nice beach holiday in the south of Europe. There is a spring trip through Portugal and Spain to enjoy the sun. Or an adventurous vacation to the Alps where you can ski, walk or cycle is also a good option, each season offers different options.

For more travel inspiration and camper tips, read our camper travel stories. The nice thing about a camper is that you can also combine all these destinations. Take a trip around Europe where you combine the beach, the mountains and a city trip. Do you want to embark on this adventure? Renting a motorhome is the perfect way to find out if this way of traveling is for you.

Of course, that also depends on the availability of providers, but there are some guidelines for choosing a motorhome that fits your situation. Are you going with a family or several people then a little spacious camper is really nice? Certainly, the weather at your destination is an uncertain factor. Having to put up a tent in the pouring rain because there is no room for the children in the motorhome spoils a lot of motorhome fun. If you also want to use camper pitches, tents are forbidden and you must all sleep in the camper. Keep that in mind.

motorhome hire

Driving license

In America, most motorhomes are big on size and in most cases, you can drive with a normal Dutch driver’s license. For the same format, you would need a motorhome or truck driver’s license in the Netherlands. You also have to dare to drive with such a big car. Inform well in advance if the driver’s license you have is sufficient.

The price tag for the motorhome rental

Again depending on the period, with how many people; how long you are going; whether you want a large or smaller camper. Request quotes from the different providers: Sometimes the rent of a larger motorhome is slightly cheaper than you need. The downside is that fuel costs can be higher.