The Expensive Secret of Richard Mille Watches


Richard Mille watches are triple-decker cases and it has curved the surfaces of the robust movement and then it justifies the price of the Richard Mille are liked by top sportsmen like Rafael Nadal. Some of them give their opinion and they said that Thomas Perkins, winner of the 2006 and Richard Mille sponsored the Perini NaviCup and then who is the previous owner of the Perini Navi yacht in the place of Maltese Falcon, and they announced on US television. Thomas bought a tray of the Rolex watches that is also the same price as a Richard Mille watch rm001 . A lot of people raise the question about why this watch alone having this much money and then it is so expensive one. And then Richard Mille gave a huge interview on CNBC in America to everyone. Richard Mille answered yes to the question of if he sold all the 2 million dollar sapphire crystal watch. And then Richard replied that everyone must understand that these are technical watches. And then the reporter asks a lot of questions bemused that any watches could justify a price on that in high. Then he replied it is a complex one. And then he said every people are willing to the part with millions of dollars for the Richard Mille watches everyone showing interest on that.

First, we have to consider that this is the specialized one it has tonneau-shaped and was established by Richard Mille. Then from the outset, it contains three metals that are used for the special manufacturing one. Three metals are white gold, red gold, and then titanium. Everyone has slight differences. Between the price and every watch are made by the same material. And Richard Mille manufactured the sandwich-style one that is also so expensive. this type of watch is difficult to manufacture. This type has comprised of three decks that are front and back bezels and then meddle section. Everything is a curved one. and then in this watch, there are no flat surfaces to make machining easier. These three curved surfaces are fit together to within the 100th of a millimeter that is only to stop moisture or dust from entering into the watch.

The use of avant-garde High tech Material:


This is the second element in the Richard Mille watches and this is the started to use the case and baseplate materials and this is normally used in such realms and they have used a particular formula that is in one car, aerospace, and racing yachts. Then these materials were used at the leading edge of the technology. That was used in the industries outside of watchmaking. In those watches, they are not only used the materials and they are used some of the metals in the new terms of composition. But the ability of watchmaking is no one knows it is an unknown one.  This brand is in a lot of years and this is the investment of millions of Swiss francs it is difficult to understand the material and no one knows how it incorporates and about these watches. This is a unique and impressive one.