Attractive Repeat Patterns with Natural Objects

repeat patterns

Repeat patterns are designs for decorating the surface with various numbers of elements or motifs arranged in a formal or regular manner. The models of the pattern will be repeating, and so it is termed as repeat patterns . In art and designs, the repetition of specific shapes, lines, colors, forms, tones, and textures are called repeat patterns. Designers and artisans will explore many models for discovering their elegance in decoration. This helps them to understand their structure and also to communicate beauty. It is an essential skill that a designer has to develop in this art field.


Repeat patterns have occupied its space everywhere today, such as in tiles, wallpapers, packaging, textile industries, as a backdrop in graphics, and many more. These repeat patterns are created with various ranges of media, like two dimensions and even in three sizes. Mostly, the designs are done with the help of computer for speed and also for accuracy. When it is viewed in a historical sense, then it is a skill of a craftsman and artisans.

repeat patterns

There are many tutorials and online guidelines available for easy understanding. Here is one such an article in which the repeat pattern designing will be guided to you through simple steps. Now we are designing a mirror pattern using sources like photograph or drawing. The measures will be secure, and it will guide you correctly to flip the image and create a perfect design. Repeat pattern designs are usually made in few objects in which the designer or the artisan has gained inspiration and in which he has the own built idea. It is better to use natural objects like flowers, feathers, leaves, insects as they give you great visuals. They will help you getting excellent visuals as they naturally contain various patterns and designs on their own.

Interesting Area:

The first step is to draw a square in a tracing paper and use it as a frame. This will help you to select the interest area from the source image. After the selection of the designs to repeat, use the tracing paper, and draw an outline of the shape. It should be correctly doe within the square. It is the basic design for the repeat pattern in which the coloring is to be done later. The repeat unit has to be traced and transferred on a paper. Now, you can give coloring effects and explore more in the design. From this developed paper, you have to choose one of the plans for using it as a repeat pattern.

One should draw a template with four squares. Then you have to trace the unit in the left area of the square. Now, it is time to flip and transfer the design for creating the mirror image. Again, one needs to flip it as the image must come to the third column of the square. Next, the tracing must be flipped to the last column for finishing the design. The lines between the square can be erased, and thus the repeat pattern is ready. It is your choice to enhance it with various colors and tones.