An Insight Into High Heel Shoes

red stiletto heels

High heel shoes refer to a set of trendy women’s s footwear which raises the user’ s feet substantially greater than their toes. High heeled footwear develops visually taller, slim and more toned figures. They are available in a varied variety of designs and shapes like stilettos, pumps, blocks, tapered, wedge and blade.

Difference between the high heel and low heel

red stiletto heels

According to style icons, red stiletto heels which are above 8.5 cm is considered high while listed below that height is described as the low or medium heel. Usually, high heels are specifically used by women however cowboy boots and Cuban heels are also sported by men. Raised heels developed as the response to riders’ feet slipping forward from the stirrup while riding however in the subsequent years it has ended up being more elegant.

France led in the development of high heeled shoes for males and females which later on infected pockets of nobility in other nations. The term ‘well-heeled’ ended up being associated with luxury. Following the Reign Of Terror, there was a decrease in this pattern however it resurfaced in style in the late 1800s.

While lower heels were chosen throughout the late 70s, high heels returned in style in the late 80s and early 90s. In the meantime, the shape of trendy heel had changed from the block (the 70s) to tapered (90s) and stilettos (80s and post-2000). In recent times high heels heights differ from kitty cat heel of 4 cm to stilettos or spike heel of 10 cm or more. Incredibly high heeled footwear used for aesthetic factors is greater than 13 cm however are ruled out useful for every single day use.

Court shoes are standard types and frequently used as official footwear while for evening dress such designs have ended up being more daring. The wedge heel is another kind of high heel where the heel extends till the toes. Using high heel footwear by women is mostly assisted by its looks appeal. It is thought that high heels change the angle of the foot with regard to the lower leg, thus, improving the shape of the calves.

They also include height to the user and make the legs appear longer and well-formed. On the other hand, the size of the foot offers the impression of being smaller sized while the arches appear more specified. Even the lower leg muscle looks much better toned that represents the user producing an overall impression of versatility and strength.

Some women have experienced the adverse effects of using shoes with high heels. Still, the willingly enter a set of designer shoes as they can not withstand the temptation of using a beautiful set of high heel shoes. Legs are a crucial part of our body and they require equivalent attention and care as they bear the weight of the whole body. Women must be careful while using high heel shoes simply for the sake of looking fashionable.

Podiatric doctors believe that 75% of women utilizing high heels typically suffer from serious foot issues such as extreme discomfort, foot defects, unstable gait, reducing strides and may also result in degenerative knee joint changes. Frequently high heel shoes trigger Achilles tendon, blisters, corn and may even contract lower back muscles. If it is not possible to prevent high heels, doctors recommend that those using such footwear ought to conserve these heels for special occasions while using well-cushioned shoes for the remainder of the day.