Trump Hats for the Best Popularity

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The most popular men’s caps were in the late XIX and XX centuries. They were worn by ordinary workers, sailors, drivers, and representatives of intelligent professions. The cap was not intended for publication or special occasion’s hats existed for this. Etiquette of the time prescribed to wear a cap for hunting, fishing or sporting events. In caps, they played football, cricket, and golf. It was a daily accessory that the broadest sections of the population could afford. You can click here now with the finest methods now.

Tweed caps for hunting

Flat cap a usual cap with a traditional top flat top. Other names: Ivy cap (yes, Ivy League representatives loved her very much), as well as Driving cap drivers,  preferred this cap because of the convenience: the low roof of the car did not allow wearing high hats.

Cap of Edward VIII

There are two silhouettes of this cap: narrow and traditional. If you look at the photo of the first half of the 20th century, you will see that it was a time of wide caps. Looking at Edward VIII, or at ordinary people, we understand that up to the 50s such a cut was extremely in demand. You can also highlight an even wider cut. An example is the cap of the hero John Wayne from the movie “The Quiet Man”. Further, the fashion unfolds towards slim and such caps gradually go out of fashion. Caps of a narrow cut go to many men and women, which snugly and fairly tightly fit their heads. The visor in them is often elegantly bent and slightly raised. This silhouette looks very stylish and modern.

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Eight Blades

The second kind of caps is no less popular than flat caps, and maybe even more, thanks to an elegant and elegant design. Such hats are sewn from eight wedge-shaped pieces of fabric and are crowned in the center with a small button from the same material. Hence the Russian name the eight-blade. In English, terms such as the Eight-piece cap, as well as the Gatsby cap or, more often, the Newsboy cap are used. Everything is clear with the first, the second by the name of the protagonist of the book and the movie “The Great Gatsby”, but the third became popular because it was these caps that were worn by street newspapermen. There are six-part options, but this is an exception to the rule. The correct traditional option is, after all, an eight-piece cap.

The Great Gatsby Fashion of the Twenties

Of course, in this regard, one cannot fail to mention the British series sharp peaks the story of a gang operating in Birmingham at the beginning of the century. Perhaps the best visual aid for studying is the varieties of hats and how to wear them. Well, Tom Shelby, the main character, is, of course, out of the competition.

Sharp visors

In a way unique, time, when men experiment with styles of different eras, literally all kinds of caps, are in demand. It can be an accessory for every day, or for country trips, or for a thematic event, for example, participating in the annual Tweed Run bike ride.