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If there are no formal obstacles to the sale of real estate, it is worth considering whether its appearance will encourage the purchase of customers watching it. The absolute minimum that must be met before starting to offer real estate is cleaning up. Often, the appearance of the property can significantly improve the painting of walls in a light color and the removal of pieces of equipment. A professional broker will help you both in the regulation of the legal status and the technical preparation of the property for sale. You can search by the term conveyancing near me and you will find the specialists for the same.

If we want our property to delight potential buyers, we can come to the rescue from the United States and Home Staging, which is more often used in this country, which is the technique of professional real estate preparation for sale.

Poor offer promotion

Even the best-calculated property price will be of no avail if the offer does not reach potential buyers. Appropriate promotion of the offer is a compromise between the range of advertising activities and advertising costs.


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Too weak promotion of the offer will cause that the sales process will be significantly longer. A large number of customers who might be interested in our offer will never know about it, thus the probability of achieving a satisfactory price will drop significantly. Insufficient exposure of the offer on the market, in the case of less liquid properties, may even mean no chance to find a buyer.


It is worth selecting the media in which we will advertise our offer in terms of the target group to which it is to reach and prepare a plan for the promotion of the offer. The most reasonable solution seems to be establishing cooperation with a large network real estate office. Large offices with several dozen branches throughout this country cooperate with virtually all major media publishing real estate sale offers, including internet portals. In addition, the offer will be presented to a large customer base looking for real estate. In this way, we will transfer the cost of advertising the offer to the real estate agency, which we will pay only after achieving our goal of selling real estate.

Frequent changes in the terms of the transaction

A quick change to a higher price if the property is watched by many interested parties and a sudden price reduction if for a week there is no phone asking for an offer in this way many sellers respond to the interest in the offered property or lack of it. Of course, activity and vigilance when offering real estate on the market are most advisable, however, too frequent and hasty changes in the terms of the transaction can lead to considerable confusion and contribute to a decrease in the credibility of the offer.

Careless changes in the terms of sale of real estate most often relate to its offer price, however, it also happens that they refer to e.g. equipment sold together with the real estate, or the date of transferring the real estate to the buyer.

The result of a hasty change in the expected terms of sale may even be the withdrawal of buyers from a seemingly certain transaction. People who decide to buy, who are surprised by the unfavorable change of conditions, usually feel disappointed and reinforce their belief that the seller just wants to stretch them.