Pest control in agriculture

Pest Control Southend

Pest control is a method to control the increasing population of unwanted insects and animals at a particular place. There are many types of pest controls to be done at separate places. With the increasing disturbances in the natural cycle and more invasion of pests into human lives, pest control has become a necessity.

Pest Control Southend is done at various places like homes, offices, industries, farms, etc. let us dive deep into the type of pest control in agriculture.

Pest Control Southend

Various types of pest control in agriculture

  • Biological pest control – this is a type of pest control done with the help of other organisms and insects. Organisms generally enemy to the pest to be killed are introduced in the environment. The enemy organism’s breeding is done in a laboratory and released in the required environment in either small and repeated batches or a big batch once. Human management is the key role here to check that whether the released species do not start to prove harmful for the crop. Also, it needs to be ensured that the released species bread survives so that it can be used as a long-term pest control.
  • Cultural control – In this method the insects are made prey to other animals. The soil is plowed and tilled before planting the crop, this rotation of soil digs out the worms from the soil and makes them prey to birds and other animals. Crop rotation is also part of this technique where a particular insect is made deprived of its host plant which helps to end their community in that place.
  • Trap cropping– In this method, the pests are diverted from the main crop and shifted to a side crop. But this method has not seemed to be more fruitful as the insects easily spread to the main
  • Pesticides- These are the chemical pest controllers which are sprayed or sprinkled on the crops. This is a rapidly developing method for pest control to be cheap and efficient. The time of application of pesticide, amount, and concentration of pesticide, use of correct pesticide, are crucial factors to be considered while applying pesticide and get better results. Although they are very \useful, there are many These tend to reduce the quality of soil and excessive intake of chemical pesticides by humans for a prolonged period are dangerous. These kill many other insects like Honey Bees and pollinating insects which are necessary. Continued use of a particular pesticide makes the insect’s generation mutate and be resistant to the pesticide. These acute and chronic harms by pesticides have led many nations to make stricter rules regarding the use of pesticides.
  • Hunting and forestry – these are two methods that were prevalent in ancient times where unneeded animals and insects were trapped, hunted, and killed.

It is evident from the above facts that pest control has been used for decades back and it has evolved with the time so far. Pest control is now used in homes and offices as the pests carry the virus and bacteria carrying risk to our lives. Pest control has become an important measure to be taken by everyone so that no plagues arise anymore.