Men’s Vests: Tips for Wearing in Style

gilet de costume

Men’s vests are a great way to bring a special touch to a basic look. Whether sporty, casual or even social, the piece is stylish and can be worn any time of the year. Many men do not see much potential in this type of clothing, but today the Catwalk shows how to assemble a stylish and interesting composition with vests. The use of gilet de costume is essential.

Sports vest

One of the most popular men’s vests is the gilet, that basic sporty model made of nylon or polyester. This may be the perfect choice for the colder months of the year, as it ensures a mild temperature without the weight of big winter coats. Gilet is a piece that gives a lot of volume to the look, an interesting touch to finish off a basic look, for example. If it’s too cold, it’s worth betting on a denim jacket overlay.

Vest jeans

gilet de costume

Within the existing men’s vests, the jeans vest is the most fashion. It is versatile and can become your trademark. You know that piece of clothing that we just took from the closet and put on without thinking in the morning, sure we won’t go wrong with the look? That is the potential that men’s jeans have.

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In addition, it can be a good choice for cold days, creating an overlap with sweaters or knitwear. However, it is still an interesting choice for hot days with that favorite band shirt.

Men’s Social Vests

The male social vest is one of the pieces that generate more doubts among men. After all, is it fashionable or not? Is it corny? Is it stylish? The catwalk responds. It’s in fashion and it’s super-hot. The social vest is part of the trio that makes up a complete suit, but the idea here is to wear it alone. Opt for a slim vest that fits your body. No loose jackets. Close the buttons and use with shirts of interesting and modern patterns. Leave the white shirt aside in this look. The same goes for the t-shirt.

How to Wear Men’s Vest

Before wearing the men’s vest, some key tips are worth it.

The vest is great for aligning the silhouette and giving the impression that you are slimmer. But for this, it is essential to choose a model that is not so tight not to get pulled on the body. Always prefer a comfortable piece that is not so wide and has no leftovers.

You should always pay attention to the length. It is ideal that the shirt is not so big and that the vest covers the waist of the pants. Otherwise, the look will look sloppy and unbalanced.

For a more formal look with a shirt, wear the buttoned vest on top and leave only the last button open. In some cases, it’s worth it to even give up the belt.

In a more casual style when wearing a men’s vest with a t-shirt prefer to leave it open, opting for a shorter piece. In this case, it should work as an accessory. If you are wearing a tie, always keep the accessory inside the vest, especially if it is a slim model.