Look for the perfect Options for the best of Garden Decking Now


Choosing the right wooden deck is one of the crucial steps in our deck buying guide. The coating of your terrace turns out to be the finish of it. The slabs gratings or the deck boards you choose are the centerpieces of the wooden deck. The choice of wood species is, therefore, a determining factor for the final rendering of your decking. You can get the best info right here for your choices now.

Once you have made the necessary administrative arrangements and have defined the layout, you must choose your wood covering. Whether you prefer softwood like Sylvester Pine, Siberian Larch, Red Cedar, Heat-heated ash, or an exotic wood like Cumaru, Itauba, Massaranduba, Padouk or Ipe, a large choice of species is offered to you.

However, not all species are created equal: for some, laying on the terrace is formally not recommended and yet you can see them on the market. For others, there are essential points to check such as drying or composition for composite wood.

On sunny days, you are already thinking about the meals with family and friends that you will spend on your terrace. Only here, to find the terrace of your dreams you have to choose from many possibilities. We help you make the right choice for your wooden deck.


The advantages of the wooden terrace

Choosing a wooden terrace is choosing an exterior full of charm and authenticity. Wood is a material that brings warmth and friendliness to any room, even outdoors. But the qualities of this coating are not only aesthetic. A wooden deck is generally easy to install and requires little maintenance. Hardwood or exotic trees are used for their strength and robustness, so they are ideal for a house terrace, a pool terrace or a balcony terrace. It is recommended to select a class 4 wood because it is rot-proof by nature. That is to say, it is:

  • Subject to humidity above 20% for long periods
  • Accustomed to water retention or stagnation
  • In contact with soil or freshwater

However, to prevent the wood from being damaged, it must obviously be maintained. We can do this very simply by installing a saturator once a year. This will prevent your terrace from becoming grayish. Finally, the wooden terrace is good value for money. There is something for all tastes and budgets. In short, all the ingredients are there to make you say yes.

Wooden terrace: the field of possibilities

In addition to being full of qualities, wood is full of possibilities. It is available in many species, thus offering a wide choice of colors. For a modern exterior, you will opt for light wood. Conversely, dark wood will bring a more traditional or rustic appearance. Exotic woods also allow you to create an atmosphere specific to your desires and warm your floors.

Composite wood deck

It is super trendy, and rightly so. The composite wood terrace is very popular for exterior flooring. It is a material composed of plastic and wood fiber. These blades are easy to maintain and do not require prior treatment. They are therefore ideal for making a terrace deck, swimming pool deck, landscaping, pontoon, deck or even a Jacuzzi covering. Composite wood has a high resistance to humidity and a surface that is very pleasant to the touch. Its natural wood appearance will give the touch of elegance to your terrace.