Knowing About Energy Rates in Electricity Bills

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Are you struggling to know energy rates on electricity bills? If that’s the situation then you are not alone, as the energy bills are the most complex ones that one receives. It is essential to know about energy rates in electricity bills like its calculation.

For calculating Houston Electricity Rates a special type of instrument is needed which makes the task most easier for you to do. Are you the one who wants to calculate energy charges? But, finding difficulty in doing so than in this article you will get to know about how to calculate energy charges.

How to calculate the energy rate?

Are you aware of the term needed for the consumption of energy? If not, then it is kWh (kilowatt-hour) or calculated by the energy rate meter which is installed in your premises. A person from the electricity department visits your premises and records the reading of your meter. The current meter reading is subtracted from past meter readings so that the consumption of the unit is determined. Then these units are applied to a structure (slab-based tariff) so that the energy rate can be determined.

Design of slab based tariff structure

The structure of tariff is designed in such a way that per unit rate is less if consumption of energy is less, and per unit, the rate is high if consumption of energy is high. For instance, if consumption is less than 100 units, then you have to pay around Rs.2 per unit. But, the consumption enhances above 500 units then you have to pay around Rs.10 per unit. So, on the whole, as the consumption is increased the energy rate is increased.

The basic motto of this structure is to create awareness among people to consume less energy. Nowadays it is very essential to consume less electricity.

Measuring of energy rate

Houston Electricity Rates

Kilowatt is the term used for measuring electricity. One kilowatt is similar to 1000 watts. Do you know this? Yes, everyone knows this as this is not some tough thing to remember. Your electricity company charges you on the basis of consumption of energy which you use per kilowatt-hour. If spoken in simple language, measuring a kilowatt is done which you use over time.

For instance, a 100-watt bulb consumes 0.1 kilowatts per hour. Almost 10 hours is required by light to use 1 kW of energy. Even a small amount of electricity consumption can be added to the month’s course.


Calculating the energy rate is an essential step so that no fake bill comes to your premises. Be aware and gather knowledge on calculating energy rates. Consume less energy so you don’t have to pay much. If you want to calculate the energy consumed by your home appliances, then you just divide watts by 1000 and then simply multiply by the hours.

The watts are listed on the label of home appliances which makes an easy step in calculating energy used by you per hour. Smart meters are available nowadays, can be kept outdoors, helps in measuring energy, and communicate on a daily basis. The smart meter helps in providing up-to-date information.