How to control Blocked Drain: Tips

Blocked Drain Kent

Among all the reasons why you call your plumber, one reason is very common for everyone and that is blocked drainage. However, it is not very common but in some cases, it becomes very frequent which is not a good sign. Blocked drainage has many negative impacts, and the plumber costs a lot of money for cleaning the drainage system.

There are a lot of waste materials that can get deposited in the pipeline of your drainage system and hence blocking the system. The system remains blocked until the proper cleansing is done. If you are suspecting any kind of Blocked Drain Kent then the good news is that you can unblock it by your own self by a few methods.

The methods used for this process are quite simple and can be done by the owner itself or with one more helper that’s all. Above all, you don’t have to call the plumber again and again for the maintenance.

Few easy methods used for the Blocked drain are:

Boiling water

Blocked Drain Kent

Many times the small pipelines are blocked like pipes of the kitchen, sink, bathroom, and more for this type of blockage boiling water is one of the effective methods to remove the blockage. The substances that are deposited are usually of low melting point and with the help of boiling water, all the blockages can be cleaned very easily.

Sometimes the flow of water with high pressure also helps to remove the substances from the pipeline but it does not work if the substances are hard and large in size. In that case, boiling water works efficiently and helps to clean all the waste from the pipe when boiling water enters the pipe.

Boil the water in a kettle or in any big utensil according to the size of the pipe then pour the boiling water into the pipe and then the waste in the pipe will flow down or decompose.

Natural Cleaners

Like other cleaners, floor cleaners, cloth cleaners there are also blockage cleaners that help to clean the blockage. This cleaner includes bicarbonate and a cup of vinegar and soda. This when added to the pipeline and at the way of the blockages then bursts and clears the way.

Along with this combination if you will add hot water then it is more effective than any other combination. This process can be used for bigger blockages also.


Excavation is the process that is used when there is a severe blockage in any pipeline. If there is a severe blockage then excavation is the only solution for it.  However, excavation is a very long process and it includes digging of the place or pipeline. The pipeline is then cleaned and all the dirt is excavated from the pipeline, this process is a bit longer than the other processes.

This process doesn’t need all the time only during heavy blockages this process is more preferable. Also, one should not always prefer this process because excavation can disturb and can even damage the other pipelines which are present nearby that pipeline.