How to Choose a wedding Photographer

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Getting the right photographer is so important, as they will provide the only formal, lasting, and best record of your day (if they do their job properly that is!). There are many other details that need to be sorted out for a wedding, but the North East Wedding Photographer will provide the only tangible, lasting record of the day that should include all the details that you’ve worked so hard to get as you want on the day.

Obviously now we all have digital cameras, mobile phones etc. there will be a wealth of photographs taken on the day, but I can absolutely guarantee that none will compare with the photographs taken by a professional photographer. I am making the assumption in my writing today that the professional photographer I am referring to is competent in their field and provides a professional service.

So what do you have to consider when choosing the photographer for your wedding?

You should be given a written quotation by a professional photographer, with terms and conditions, and exactly what you’ll get for your money. This is a must when you are paying for a professional service. Anything less is unreasonable.

Your photographer will pretty much run the day for you, because they’ll be the only people with you from the first thing in the morning to the first dance together with maybe a wedding planner / organiser-and after that you really won’t care anyway!!

Listen to what else is available, and what the photographer will do for you after you have said what you want. Remember that the photographer will attend 50 weddings a year, and work at them, which you certainly won’t be, so their experience is invaluable.

Timings on the day should be addressed to ensure there is ample time to achieve what you want to achieve, and I can guarantee you that the day will go so quickly.

Be vigilant of “giving up” Some photographers make their money by “upselling” what is called in the industry. At first they seem cheap, until you remember they don’t offer all you want. You wouldn’t have committed so much money when you add in all the things you actually want, sometimes after the event! One example is where a photographer charges you 400 for the copyright-free images on DVD. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s the right of a photographer to charge what they think is appropriate, but you’ve surely already paid for that by first engaging them?

North East Wedding Photographer

Incidentally, costly doesn’t automatically mean better.

Yet hiring a photographer has tremendous benefit in you thinking you should get on with it. Your wedding day is a day to enjoy, and a photographer can, believe it or not, pull the pieces of the day together and help to make things go smoothly. If you think about that, how else will they document the day? In my view, a knowledgeable, professional, coordinated and most important sociable wedding photographer can really make a difference on the day and give you some less worrying stuff. If you let them take control of the day, they will be happy and hopefully so will you!