How energy play the vital role in the day to day life

4Change Energy

There is a famous article called the 4Change Energy  they are told what is the energy it means the ability to do the work for the hearing it is simply but these four lines have the lots of different meanings and the lots of experience so energy is be divided into the many types which means the manpower energy and the nan made energy with natural products

Human energy wants

From the day starts till the sleep all the man wants the ability to do the works so he can get the energy by the way of intake of the food so if the energy gets down he has to regain the energy by retaking the food this the routine energy folks of the human body this energy are be classified into the many types such as the carbohydrates protein fats vitamins and minerals and there also some enzymes play the important role on the food digestion


This is said to be the cheapest form of the energy because we can attain the carbohydrate by the way of rice-wheat potatoes sweet potatoes and some ground feeder vegetables are also rich in the carbohydrates content the carbohydrates is very important to be active in all the day a small quantity of the carbs are be enough to fill the human stomach so the carbohydrates play the vital role in the human energy


The proteins are the good sources for the humans it gives the energy to the muscles and the bones so they help to regain the body the heavy work the protein-rich foods are sprouted grains cereals pulses chicken fish egg paneer mushroom soya these are the main thing to improve the protein content in the body a whole egg gives the solid of 3 grams of protein to the body and milk are also important nowadays protein is available in the powder form called whey protein powder it is the powdered form of the protein content the gym people are be used the whey powered and creatine for their muscles and bone strength


The good facts like the groundnuts and many other nuts are very good for the body the bad fat like fast and junk food is so dangerous we should avoid this and the oily products are much dangerous to the humans so we should avoid this so the good fats are the costly product all the people cannot offer this fact are much important to the energy

Vitamins minerals and enzymes 

4Change Energy

The vitamins and the minerals are very helpful for the body to be healthy that 3 are helpful in the physical manner but these 2 are very important to the inner body parts they help in the good blood flow and the parts care if there is any deficiency in the vitamin it can be easily cured by the taking of fruits and vegetables and also by taking of vitamins supplements

Enzymes are much important to the body to do the day to day work it helps in the digestive and to excretion of the waste in the body