Different kind of energy source

Energy Plans

There is a different kind of energy source used by people to produce electricity. In this, there is two kind energy resource used to produce electricity on that one is renewable resources and another one is non-renewable resources. This energy resource is mainly used to generate power. Electricity is more important to lead our modern life. Nowadays people need electric power to operate their vehicle for example a car. Solar energy is the common energy used by many people all over the world because solar energy is the cheapest energy comparing to another kind of energy. In the US, Energy Plans are provided by electric information administration. People can collect solar energy with the collector panels and that collector panel helps to convert solar energy into some kind of power.  Many of them using solar energy for their homes for various purposes like supplement the electricity. Mostly solar panel is used in desert areas and converts it into electricity. Sun is the main source of solar energy. In the summer season, there are a lot of opportunities to collect electric power by using collecting panels. The wind energy resource is more commonly used by all over the world. Wind energy is collected by using large turbines. By using this larger turbine person could easily collect the wind energy. Wave energy is another common energy used by many countries. Wave energy is produced by the waves in the ocean. The ocean is the best choice to produce wave energy. Wave energy is one of the renewable resources and wave energy is an environment-friendly resource. Many countries using ocean waves to produce wave energy.

Renewable and non- renewable resources

Energy Plans

There are more numbers of renewable and non-renewable resources. Biomass energy is one of the users all over the world. Biomass energy is mostly used by industries and in the home people used for cooking and heating. The biomass energy mostly produces a large amount of carbon-di-oxide. Tidal energy is also used in many countries and this tidal energy is produced by rising and fall of tides and then it converts as kinetic energy. The generation of tidal energy resource mainly gets in coastal areas. The main drawback of producing tidal energy is a huge investment because some developed countries only producing a huge level of tidal energy. There are many risk factors are involved in producing tidal energy.

Common energy resource

Some common energy resource is mainly used to produce electricity. Geothermal energy is the common energy resource which electricity. The geothermal energy is produced from beneath the earth. Geothermal energy is commonly used by many countries and this geothermal energy is environmentally friendly. Geothermal energy is used by people from ancient times. Another common resource that was used by many countries is hydropower energy. Hydropower energy is produced by using the power of water. Many countries produce electricity by using nuclear power. Almost every country produces nuclear power by using generators.  The electricity cost depended on energy resource production. In worldwide, most countries prefer for renewable resources to produce electricity. Nowadays electricity is necessary for our day to day life.