Buying a good and quality air conditioner

Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

If you are a beginner to buy and search about air conditioner you may end up with any confusion. Wonders why? Because of the ranges and varieties of it. Each condition has a different range of cooling capacities, price, and quality. To buy a good air conditioner you have to note a few things majorly about the conditioner and its company. They are

  • Capacity
  • Model
  • Cooling speed
  • Warranty
  • Price comparison
  • Review about the product

It is always advisable to buy the air conditioner in the shop which is nearby and maximum avoid buying air conditioners online. Because when you get some trouble with the product you can easily contact the company where you bought and resolve it soonly. There are Explosion Proof Air Conditioners which works better in all type of weathers. People should be very careful and examine fully the air conditioner before they buy it. Some of the tips and information about the conditioners are down below.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

Things to know before buying an air conditioner:                                  

Though there are many different kinds one should know about the basic capacity chart. Air conditioners types are

  • Residential conditioners also known as domestic conditioners they consume the capacity of above 6000 to below 20000 BTU cooling capacity. It is in the kilowatt of about 1.75 to 5.8 KW.
  • Commercial or office conditioners they consume of about greater than 10000 to less than 50000 cooling capacity. The kilowatt measurement ranges from 3.5 to 14.50 KW.
  • Industrial conditioners having the cooling capacity range more than 30000 and it can set any maximum limit as per the industrial heat ejection. Its kilowatt is about more than 8.9 KW.

Then the second important thing to know about the air conditioner is the mono-block types.

  • mobile or portable monoblock AC
  • floor mount monoblock AC
  • Wall mount monoblock AC
  • Spot cool AC
  • Etc

Each kind has different types of ways to fit and they vary by its work. Though these create confusion while buying one can easily switch to the reviews for each of that. Choosing the company is not a big deal choosing the type consumes more energy and time.

This mobile or portable monoblock type does not require any fixing unit. This can be attached to any place they can easily movable but the pipe which comes along with this need some hole to pull out the air. This pipe is about 3 to 4 meters long. By using this pipe only the air conditioner ejects its hot air outside.

Floor mounted AC is fixed against the wall and it is very similar to the heater which uses in the colder times. These floor-mounted conditioners are very cost-effective. They are connected by two units one is outside to produce the cooling air another is inside to emit it inside the house.

Spot cool AC consumes more space but it is easy to carry to any places and it is comfortable by sound-wise. Because most of the AC which are having the moving capacity produces more sound than this spot cool air conditioner.