Details About Texas Energy Plans and Energy rates

When you don’t know how much your household uses energy, choosing the wrong energy plan can be expensive. First and foremost: Know your usage. Knowing how much you expect to use is the key to avoiding overpaying. Compare monthly costs of plans according to usage amount and save money. You pay the same price whatever the number of gallons you pump with things like gasoline.

Three dollars per gallon. You’ll pay $30 for 10 gallons. However, the Texas Energy Rates is not the same as a gas bill. Prices are based on a particular, exact monthly consumption (usually 2000 kWh). The calculation for determining your monthly bill varies according to each plan.

Energy Rates

Using your monthly bill, divide your costs by your consumption to determine an accurate “price per kWh.”. A “price per kWh” advertised typically corresponds to a specific usage …

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